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Me: No Mom !! YOU CAN’T ZOOM IN ON INSTAGRAM ! OK you just liked the picture :)Thank you

Like literally me EV-V-VER-RR-YY single time I show my mom a picture on Instagram .. Sorry mom but this is true..


Have you ever created 2 accounts on Facebook ? just because you don’t want your parents to check your social media activities ?

Do you believe in giving your kids some privacy on their social media bubble in the future?

Or do you want to be like : ( Why did you write a sad status last night at 10:34 PM ? ) OR ( You said you are going to sleep and you tweeted 15 minutes after getting into the bed ?) OR ( I saw you following a Victoria Secret model, Do you think this is acceptable ?)

Don’t force them to( unfriend, block, delete and unfollow) You!

I do believe that each one of us should have a private life or atleast to have some space away from the family specially if they still live under one ceiling.

Otherwise they will find another way by creating fake accounts or family account.

When parents started creating accounts on Facebook we switched to Twitter, they started using both so we have switched to Instagram .. again they started using Instagram .. we all switched to Snapchat.

I know this might sound right to monitor your kids, siblings, nieces .. etc but come on, these days children know more than you can imagine! It will only distance yourself from your child.. I know everyone wants to keep their children safe, but this will never work this way, If you talk with them about the dangers and really keep this open for discussion at anytime anyday they will feel more trusted and think more before exposing themselves online. They will treat you as a friend not as a (micro-parent).


New Study Shows Teens Are Sooo Over Facebook


On the other hand internet is a great resource for children when used correctly. It helps them think out of the box, sometimes be more talented, they get to know more about other cultures, they keep in touch with their old friends, sometime internet is the solution for learning more languages or at least some foreign sentences

Let them benefit from it and let them enjoy their time without forcing them to hide.

‘As this study shows, children are gaining access to social media sites at a younger age, which could expose them to content, people or situations that are out of their depth and which they’re not emotionally prepared for.

‘Parents can no longer protect children by simply trying to limit their online experiences. Instead parents need to maintain an open dialogue and encourage children to share both good and bad online experiences, talk openly and straightforwardly about the risks they may encounter online without scaring them and make sure they keep up with the latest social media crazes and work with their children rather than trying to control them.’


A Hashtag Lover,

Sara Tarabishi

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